Saturday, February 18, 2006

I think we all better look around and ask ourselves who is doing the torturing in this world. Is it the president, is it the government, the cops? Is it the military, the schools, the WTO? Is it the legacy of a thousand years of technology and the destruction of nature? The endgame of religious fanatics gone systemic? It is all of these and more. The more torture happens the further we slide from ever reaching our potential.
Humans are as easy to destroy as a flower. The endless ability of a species to adapt, as we have, is quite misleading. I have had the opportunity to live in a variety of planned or intentional communities. What is so fascinating to me is that, provided a person has not been irreparably traumatized, in a matter of days at a community, people revert to a state of innocence and pleasure. Those whose sense of pleasure has been perverted by whatever torture they underwent, (child abuse, military service, bad teachers, rape, poverty and on and on) become the power mongers and bane of the community. So it goes that the community is inevitably ripped asunder by the same forces that continually destroy the larger human society.